SAEPU statement on the developments around EMS Unit in the country


SAEPU would like to take this moment and send strength to all EMS personnel as they continue to serve South African citizens during this difficult period. We would also like to remind workers that they have rights to refuse work if they are not protected or suspect any threat to their safety. No managers must bully you into doing work while they are failing to comply with Covid-19 regulations at workplaces.

To our colleagues who tested positive for Covid-19 and are in isolation, please practice all the necessary measures to fight the virus. We wish you speedy recovery and cannot wait to have you back on the ground.


SAEPU welcomes Limpopo health decision to suspend Covid-19 special team and approval to perform overtime excess of30% of basic salary internal memo. The withdrawal of this memo means our communication that was sent to them and the media brought back their conscious. It is unfortunate though, to note that these officials have got no intention to engage us on matters that affect workers unless we run to media to get their attention. Workers will be happy to note that the previous nonsensical memo has been withdrawn and now everyone can attend the cases and will be paid like others.

We want to remind the department again that, if they are failing to run the EMS unit they must not shy away to seek help from the unions rather than trying to create divisions and hatred against workers.  


We have noted with shock and disappointment the developments around Eastern Cape health administration. It is clear that the department is collapsing due to corruption that is taking place and Minister Zweli Mkhize does not have a plan to assist in any way other than adding more fire with his reckless decisions/planning.

In June department has launched a scooter project that raised more question on whether these leaders cares about the workers and patients or what. The scooter project is nothing but an embarrassment to EMS personnel and their profession. It is not surprising that today, the same Minister who was busy smiling at cameras during the launch of the project has changed his tone and says the scooters does not meet the basic criteria to transport the patients. 

Our concern is that, EMS workers are a target of criminals and department is not willing to come on board to find amicable solutions to protect them. In Eastern Cape these criminal activities are worse. What will happen to workers and patients with scooters? Most areas in Eastern Cape do not have clear/tar roads, ambulances are damaged due to that reason, now what will happen to scooters? These are obvious questions that department failed to look at when they come up with the scooter ideas.

We believe that the R10 million that is alleged to have been used for the procurement of the scooters could have been invested in making the Ambulances safe to work on.


Issued by SAEPU

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