COSATU condemns military coup d’état in Mali

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) joins the world in its outrage at the unfolding events in Mali, where the military detained Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar and Prime Minister Boubou Cisse, which ultimately led to the President’s forced removal from power. Keita announced his resignation in the early hours of today after a well-crafted coup d’état.

 On Tuesday 18th August 2020, reports were submitted observing Malian soldiers taking up arms and staging an apparent mutiny in the town of Kati. Kati previously saw a rebellion in 2012 that led to a coup that ousted then-President Amadou Toumani Toure and contributed to the fall of northern Mali into the hands of jihadi militants.

 The developing situation this time came as opposition protesters demanded the departure of their embattled President. Tens of thousands of people have poured onto the streets of Bamako in recent weeks amid growing dissatisfaction over alleged electoral malpractice and corruption.

 In this regard, COSATU supports the AU, and the progressive forces in Mali in their demand for return to democratic normality in the country; the release of all political leaders and journalists; and the end to the legalised military dictatorship.

 COSATU calls for the immediate restoration of constitutional order and rule of law in Mali. The continent cannot afford any more bloodshed at the hands of territorial thieves. We call on the mutineers to cease all use of violence. The survival of Mali must come first with the need to protect, promote, and respect the rule of law, unity, and integrity of the Malian nation. That should be the immediate priority, and that is where our immediate solidarity is focussed.

Issued by COSATU

Sonia Mabunda-Kaziboni (Cde)

International Secretary

Cosatu Head Office

Cell: 072 535 1577