COSATU supports efforts to liquidate SAMA NPC to secure the independence of SAMATU and recover all the union assets

The Congress of South African Trade Unions  endorses the attempts by the Administrator to liquidate SAMA NPC after our affiliated trade union the South African Medical Association Trade Union (SAMATU took it to the courts to fight for its independence from being mismanaged both in its constitutional mandate and finances. This Federation views this as another frontier in the fight against corruption in South Africa.

We first took up the fight calling for the dissolution of the SAMA Board back in 2016 when the board of directors threatened the existence of the trade union while continuing to manage its finances.

For years, the Board of SAMA used the trade union as its cash cow while sabotaging and suffocating any attempts for the trade union to operate independently. The company (SAMA) used its banking details for the payment of subscriptions and used that financial muscle to bully and coerce the members of the union who sought independence.

The registrar of trade unions, ultimately, intervened and went to court to place the union under administration. The aim was to ensure that a capable administrator is appointed by the court to assist in the separation and independence of the two entities.

COSATU has been regularly briefed about the uncooperative behaviour of SAMA NPC in their desperate attempt to retain the unlawful benefit from the subscriptions of doctors in the public service.

This devious, obstinate, and condescending conduct by SAMA NPC cannot be allowed to endure. It is not only a corrupt and unethical, but it also undermines the laws and workers rights.  COSATU entirely supports the steps being taken by the Administrator in winding up SAMA NPC to secure the independence of SAMATU including all assets acquired since 1996.

Issued by COSATU

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