COSATU Gauteng demands action against the hooligans who attacked Denosa leadership in Tshwane yesterday

COSATU in Gauteng is perturbed and repulsed by hooligans, led by the national leadership of Young Nurses Indaba, who attacked the provincial leadership of DENOSA in Tshwane yesterday. Of concern to us is that this incident happened in full view of the police, who did nothing to intervene. Whilst we appreciate anger from workers because of intransigent employers and government, it is nonsensical that they resorted to attacking other workers.

The Federation in Gauteng agreed with the leadership of DENOSA in Gauteng to open criminal cases and those hooligans should face the full might of the law. We will further seek audience with the Provincial Police Commissioner and the leadership of POPCRU in Gauteng to address gross negligence by the police who were on the scene.

COSATU in Gauteng commend the leadership of DENOSA for not degenerating to the level of their attackers when they were attacked for no reason. They distinguished themselves as disciplined, courageous, and brave leaders of workers. They represented the federation very well. COSATU is not an anarchist organization but is a disciplined federation that preaches the unity of the workers and the working class.

We want to call all workers irrespective of their affiliation to show tolerance and fight side by side to defeat employers who treat them with the highest level of disdain.

 It is time for workers in the province and across the country to unite and defend collective bargaining, exploitation, and corruption.

We will also convene the leadership of the Nurses Indaba to get to the bottom this matter and advance workers unity. It is only through dialogue that we can resolve difficulties and challenges amongst each other and not through physical confrontation.

Issued by COSATU

Provincial Chairperson: Amos Monyela – 0794935092

Provincial Secretary: Louisa Modikwe – 0661822402