COSATU Mpumalanga fully support ESKOM Workers who have embarked on strike actions to fight against labour broker exploitation

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in Mpumalanga is fully supportive of thousands of workers members of NUM who are employed by ESKOM who have embarked on strike actions in the following workstations. 

Ø  Kendal Power

Ø  Matla Power

Ø  Duvha Power

Ø  Kusile Power

Ø  Arnot Power

Ø  Komati Power

Ø  Thuthuka Power

Ø  Majuba Power

Ø  Grootvlei Power

 COSATU has always been outspoken against the use of third-party employers using labour brokering.  The Federation condemns the practice as modern-day slavery. Workers in the above workstation have embarked on massive industrial actions to fight against persistent exploitation by labour brokers contracted by ESKOM called Rotek Labour Brokers. The workers’ demands the following: –

Ø  Quality decent work for all

Ø  Total abolishment of labour broking in ESKOM

Ø  The termination of all corrupt contract between ESKOM and labour brokers serving under Rotek Labour Brokers.

 Workers have pledged not to leave any stone unturned till their demands are met. That reliable and safe energy production and supply can only  be realized if ESKOM is free of all corrupt relations and practices.

COSATU in Mpumalanga will be taking part in the National Day on the 7th October 2020 amongst the targeted companies will be ESKOM offices in Witbank to fight for the resolution of the workers’ demands.

Issued by: –

COSATU Mpumalanga

Provincial Secretary