COSATU Young Workers Media statement in support of the COSATU National Strike

The COSATU National Young Workers Forum (CYWF) does not only just support COSATU National Shutdown on October 7 which will  be advancing the fight against the breach of Health  and Safety Standards in the workplace, Scourge  of Gender Based Violence and Killing of Women, demand  for Safe and Reliable Public Transport and job losses but it is part and parcel of the planned action.

The COSATU Young Workers National Coordinating Committee (CYWF NCC) is busy with preparations to fully participate in the National Day of Action planned by its mother body, COSATU which is also supported by FEDUSA and SAFTU. This action resonates with what affects young workers in the main i.e. the filling of vacant posts in the public sector, exposure of young frontline workers to dangerous working conditions that are not in line with health  and safety standards, the reckless use of LIFO principle in most retrenchments while youth unemployment is at an alarming level. The CYWF is therefore forewarning the society of the potential standstill of economic activities on this day due to anticipated massive support from young workers of this country.

We encourage and plead with all young workers in the country to join and form part of all the provincial marches where COSATU will be delivering the memoranda to relevant authorities so that they will hear for themselves what will be said in those memoranda.

The CYWF NCC will be embarking on a nationwide programme to mobilise our allies (PYA) to join us on this day, and we will be utilising our social media platforms to popularize this in the lead up to the 7th of October.


Issued by the COSATU Young Workers National Coordinating Committee


Xolani Fakude (National Coordinator)

071 355 1566

Siboniso Nkomonde (Alternate Coordinator)

073 088 0101