SAEPU has learnt with shock and disgust about the barbaric behaviour of white men who attacked EMS personnel at Baobab Toll Gate

The South African Emergency Personnel’s Union (SAEPU) has learnt with shock and disgust about the barbaric behaviour of two white men who allegedly used a paper spray on EMS Personnel at Baobab toll gate in Musina, Limpopo. The personnel were on duty transporting patients from Musina to Tsilidzini and Elim hospitals when the scene took place.

 It is reported that one crew member was trying to alert the car behind him that there is a traffic in front of them as the driver tried to overtake him, but they did not take it lightly. They started insulting him in Afrikaans language which he understood while one of them went to another car to get a paper spray and used it on the personnel before they run off from the scene.

 We are very concerned about these continuing attacks, which causes panic to personnel as they no longer feel safe to perform their duties while they work with people’s lives. It is unfortunate because criminals who proud themselves in attacking workers in unforms do not realise that their inhumane behaviour might results in personnel refusing to take calls or choosing which ones to respond.

 We are calling on police to fast-track the investigations and arrest these criminals who undermines workers. It is believed that they are known to the community including the company they are working for. Their vehicle was identified with the registration number of DWD 113 L.  

 We would also like to remind white people that the colour of their skin will never save them from facing the law just like any other South African citizens. They must be arrested and get harsh sentences that will be an example to other criminals who act with advantage of their skin colour.


Issued by SAEPU

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