Joint statement by Limpopo Health Sector unions on Circular 43 of 2020

Trade unions representing employees of the Limpopo Department of Health, namely DENOSA, NEHAWU, HOSPERSA, PSA and SAMATU, have agreed to reject Circular 43 that was issued by the employer thereby unilaterally changing conditions of service for our members. 

In a meeting that was held at the Provincial Health offices on the 12th of October 2020 with the employer on this matter, all trade unions that were represented demanded the retraction of the circular which will then allow for a normal consultation affording labour to extensively consult with its rank and file.

We note this ongoing culture of disrespect by the employer on collective bargaining process. This attitude to down vary and continue to undermine social partners is further reflected in the non-implementation of the last phase of PSCBC resolution 1 of 2018 that relates to salary increments. It is clear that the employer is indeed pushing and compelling unions to take this fight to the streets and show their power.

All unions have resolved to: 

1. Call for the special chamber meeting and declare a dispute. 

2.  Develop and organise a programme of action that will indeed reflect the total rejection of this attitude.

We believe that it is high time we show the employer that our power remains with the masses and call on all our members not to perform functions that are not in their contract. Our members have given their souls to work for the department during the most difficult time of the pandemic and yet they are treated like slaves.

This unilateral disregard of collective agreements has brought nothing but anger, low morale, and frustration to all government workers in the various health facilities across the province, because their salaries have not been adjusted as of 1 April 2020 in line with the collective bargaining agreement and yet the employer has the audacity to deduct monies from their salaries.

All the trade unions stand united and reject this circular with the contempt it deserves.

Joint Programme of Action will be circulated to members to outline approach on how we are going to confront the Department of Health on Circular 43 of 2020.


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