More Healthcare Workers Are Getting Infected On The Second Wave Of Covid-19 – DENOSA Eastern Cape

DENOSA in the Eastern Cape is concerned about the increasing numbers of healthcare workers who are getting infected by the Covid-19 virus. DENOSA held a Virtual PEC Meeting and raised number of thorny issues that are facing the department of health during the resurgence of the Coronavirus. The meeting raised sharply the increasing rate of infection and death of healthcare workers. 

The healthcare workers, nurses in particular, are now showing signs of both mental and physical exhaustion. The frontline workers both in public and private sectors are now crumbling under the second wave. This is an indication that their immune systems are compromised and vulnerable. They have been working under severe pressure with limited resources since the outbreak of the virus. They have been discouraged to take leave so that the hospitals remain staffed. This is a cover up of the chronic and gross shortage of staff.  

The nurses in the Eastern Cape feel that the employers are not giving them any emotional and psychological support during these trying times. DENOSA is strongly condemning the behaviour of the management. While the healthcare workers are facing the pandemic, the management is taking leave and going on quarantine.

The healthcare workers who are exposed to the virus are denied such leaves.    

The country is now faced with Covid-19 Variant while going on Festival Season.

DENOSA is calling on all nurses to take extra care during this period. We want to reiterate our stance that nurses must not work if they are not provided with PPEs. 


Issued by the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) in Eastern Cape.

Khaya Sodidi, Provincial Secretary

Mobile: 082 775 7734 / 072 573 3315