SACCAWU Mourns the passing of Comrade Koena Ramotlou

SACCAWU has learnt with a great sense of shock and disbelief of the sad news of the passing on of Comrade Koena Ramotlou, the recently elected young General Secretary of our fellow COSATU Affiliate SAMWU. We, as an organisation, viewed comrade Koena as one of the up and coming bright stars who would add value in the continued existence of the Federation, the struggles of the municipal workers and the working class. We convey our heartfelt condolences to the Ramotlou family and SAMWU for the sad and shocking news of the passing of this young revolutionary leader.

When he and the entire SAMWU National Office Bearers were announced as the outcomes of the recently National Congress, we, too within the Federation we felt their presence, merely on the basis of managing internal democratic process in the midst of all challenges confronting the evolution of Trade Unions in the context of democratisation of society in general, but, the democratic state which SAMWU is located as the beacon of hope of employees of state. we hoped for the sound working relationship that would distil from SAMWU, but, revolutionarily influence the policy direction and policy choices we make to confront without fear the logic of capitalism, that which continue to cultivate inequalities, poverty and rising unemployment especially amongst youth whose majority are black and African in particular. 

His passing does not only constitute a setback for Municipal workers but is a great setback for our giant Federation COSATU in particular and the entire working class in general. The Comrade has led municipal workers with distinction and has acted as a unifier during tough times. Unity amongst workers is crucial during this period of the jobloss bloodbath and systematic undermining of collective bargaining by the bosses and the state and as a lasting legacy to his memory, we should sharpen our swords of engagement in preparation to wage countless struggles in defence of our gains.

We will continue to sing “Senzeni na?’ in your memory as we endeavour tirelessly try to build workers movement as the only measure of optimism that Socialism is the future to deal with the quantum of revolutionary tasks you leave us with into the future.

To the family we salute you all for barrowing us this young revolutionary giant which from beginning to end his art of engagement, demonstrated with great sense of commitment and selflessness, that unity and cohesion of the workers is paramount if, we were to wrestle through workers own and controlled organisation(s) the capitalist tendencies which at the core thrive through corruption, that are distanced to defocus revolutionary forces who in the passed through collective wisdom dismantled apartheid system. 

Issued by the SACCAWU Secretariat