SADTU saddened, devastated and shocked by the death of the Superintendent General commonly called HOD, Comrade Temba Kojana

SADTU in the Eastern Cape is deeply saddened by the untimely passing of Superintendent General, Cde Temba Kojana. This is a devastating blow to our Union because as the province, we had had to work with acting HODs until his appointment.  It is with immense sorrow that we mourn the untimely passing of Cde Kojana who was a founding member of SADTU. 

 He led this Union by growing within the structures from the branch to the national level where he was elected the Vice President for the Sports, Arts and Culture Portfolio. As part of his commitment to the struggle of the workers and the people of our country for the liberation from mental slavery, he served in a number positions in education and political circles. He believed that education must be a liberating instrument to restore dignity to people. He believed that education has a role to restore the peoples’ culture that was invaded and destroyed by colonialism and apartheid. 

As a leader in our union we remember him as a revolutionary professional, an embodiment of the kindness, care, honesty, compassion, solidarity and a dependable cadre who loved his people.

His family confirmed that he passed on the 7th of January and will communicate the details about the funeral arrangements in due course.

In the education sector comrade Kojana will be remembered for his commitment to advancing teachers, education workers in particular the ECD and learners  struggles for better facilities and tools of trade. 

His leadership of the Eastern Cape department of education will be remembered by unions, SGBs and learners as a person who believed in genuine consultations. His commitment to engage everyone saw the improvement in relations which led to improvement in the matric results. He knew that it was not going to be easy to change the old tricks in bureaucracy which saw unions as trouble makers instead of partners. His leadership brought a new way of thinking and execution of the NDR within education. He led in the involvement of the ELRC to facilitate dialogue on difficult issues affecting the wellbeing of both teachers and learners in the province.   To Temba consultations was the cornerstone of promoting labour peace. 

In the political circles Cde Temba will be remembered for his humility in serving the people of this country as a disciplined member of the ANC and SACP. He will remembered for his love for debates in finding solutions. He will be remembered for empowering the young and putting them in position higher than his in the movement. He will be remembered for his assertiveness and kindness in  addressing the problems that the movement is facing. He loved the truth and he would do anything to defend the truth based on the principles of the movement.

SADTU expresses its solidarity with his family and his comrades and colleagues in the education sector. Together we must not fail in the intensification of commitment to root out corruption and patronage in our government and the movement. In his memory SADTU members must lead in the liberation of our people from ignorance and mental slavery and to conspiracy theories about the vaccine. SADTU, as revolutionary Union, believes that  our people need the vaccine now and denounce anything that seeks to confuse the people about the vaccine. The educators are frontline workers and must be prioritised in the provision of the vaccine.

SADTU conveys its deepest condolences to his family, friends, SADTU leaders and members during this difficult time. May his soul rest in everlasting peace.



Provincial Secretary, Chris Mdingi: 060 583 4462

Deputy Provincial Secretary; Zodumo Maqhashalala : 060 520 1447