COSATU Western Cape statement on the outcomes of the meeting with the management of Golden Arrows Bus Services over the mugging of commuters

 The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) in the Western Cape met with the Management of Golden Arrows Bus Services on Tuesday, 02 February 2021 to discuss the spike of muggings of commuters on their busses. The federation will not sit idle and watch as our members and commuters are being assaulted and become victims of crime daily, while management is doing nothing to protect them.

 We expressed our disappointment over the management’s lack of effort to deal with this problem and protect their drivers and commuters. This is continuing unabated, as evidenced by another report on the morning of the meeting with management yesterday.

The Golden Arrow Management outlined what they have done so far to protect the commuters and bus drivers and argued that the SAPS is responsible for the safety of people. They also promised that they will submit their safety plan.

 The federation has made it very clear that we reject this indifferent response and attitude. It is becoming clear that the company does not want to take responsibility and we have told them that we are currently exploring the possibility of a possible class action against the company.

 We demand the following from the company to protect workers and commuters:

1.    Installation of panic buttons.

2.    Installation of trackers,

3.    Installation of cameras,

4.    Armed security of busses,

5.    Security escort of busses,

6.    Set up a meeting with all stakeholders to discuss a proper safety plan,

7.    Meeting with community groups in the affected areas,

8.    Start a joint public awareness campaign,

9.    Start a more effective media campaign,

10. Set up a meeting with the National Minister of Police and Transport including their Provincial counterparts and the City.

 COSATU is giving Golden Arrows Bus Services 7 days to respond to our demands and to provide us with a safety plan. If the company fails to meet these demands, we will have no other option but to start a campaign against the company and engage our lawyers to explore the possibility for a civil class action against the company on behalf of the affected workers and members.

 Issued by: Cosatu Western Cape

MALVERN DE BRUYN @ 060 977 9027

MOTLATSI TSUBANE @ 074 482 6180