The national government and Parliament should expedite the investigation of racism allegations leveled against Eskom CEO Mr Andre de Ruyter

The Congress of South African Trade Unions finds the reports of racism allegations against ESKOM Group Chief Executive Officer André de Ruyter deeply disturbing. These allegations need to be thoroughly investigated because they are not acceptable, and the power utility needs stability.

The Federation gave Mr Andre de Ruyter the benefit of the doubt when he was appointed despite some reservations from individuals who objected to his less than stellar history in dealing with workers and managing big companies.

The serious accusation that he is busy purging black companies from the power utility’s database is not just disturbing but scandalous. Eskom cannot afford to be used as the feeding trough for another corrupt cabal and taxpayer’s money cannot be used to perpetuate apartheid separate development and white supremacy.

After his appointment, COSATU made it clear that it expected Mr Andre de Ruyter to push for a forensic audit that is going to give all of us a clear picture of what has been going on at the power utility. The fight over tenders and contracts is the last thing that workers expected under his tenure.

Workers want the leadership at Eskom to ensure that the power utility can guarantee reliable and affordable electricity to South Africans and the entire economy.

We support an investigation by SCOPA, and we call on the Eskom Board and government to expedite the investigations because these allegations are serious. The demon of racism needs to be exorcised, especially in government companies that are dependent on taxpayer’s money for their survival.

Eskom cannot afford to be mired in another scandal of corruption and nepotism, especially because jobs are being decimated by the ongoing load shedding.

 We agree with our affiliated union NUM that Minister Pravin Gordhan as a political principal of Eskom and Mr Andre e Ruyter needs to provide the country with some definite answers.

 Issued by COSATU

Sizwe Pamla (Cosatu National Spokesperson)

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