The Congress of South African Trade Unions Young Workers Forum (CYWF)has learnt with dismay and disgust on the shooting of unarmed protesting students by members of the SAPS earlier today. We condemn the government of the day for sending police to shoot at young people who are fighting for access to higher education. It cannot be correct for us to keep quiet when such barbaric brutality and behaviour is directed to young people when they are fighting for their right to access education.

The National Development Plan which the government of the day is perceived to be pursuing envisions a society where education is considered as a cornerstone of building an equal society. This is what students at University of Witwatersrand are peacefully demanding. It beats the logic then to have individuals who are against this noble course coming from the very same government.

It is our strong view that funding of the students especially those who come from the working class and poor backgrounds and transformation of education remains the fundamental responsibility for this government of which no amount of resistance, shooting and threats will deter young people from demanding. This must be done with speed because young people have run out of patience waiting for the second coming of the son of man and the implementation of resolutions simultaneously.

COSATU Young Workers Forum is in support of the students in their genuine demands for access to higher education. We would also like to extend our sincere and heartfelt condolences to family of the unnamed individual who has lost his life through the brutal hands of the SAPS members. We wish his family strength in this difficult situation.

Issued on behalf of CYWF by Coordinating Committee

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