The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) Carletonville Region is deeply annoyed and highly dismayed by the union-bashing attitude demonstrated so far by the Blyvoor Gold Mine.

The NUM strongly condemns uncivilised attitudes by the company and demands that action is taken against the company’s management for trembling on the workers’ rights.

Workers’ right to freedom of association is the fundamental labour right guaranteed by the country’s constitution.

In the workplace, the right to freedom of association is essentially an “enabling” right that entitles workers to form and join workers’ organisations of their own choice to promote common organisational interests.

Since the beginning of this year, several workers at Blyvoor Gold Mine have been intimidated, assaulted and prevented from reporting to work, and they were coerced to join a particular trade union called “Blyvoor Workers Union”.

“As the NUM in the Carltonville region, we are shocked by this kind of behaviour. We have applied for trade union access at Blyvoor mine but we have been met with arrogance. Workers are being intimidated for refusing to join the other union. Workers have  made it crystal clear that they do not want to join Blyvoor Workers Union, they want to join only the NUM .

This is uncalled for and we are so saddened that after a long-fought struggle against such kind of barbaric actions, we are seeing the union-bashing behaviour rearing its ugly head once again. We are more than prepared to fight Blyvoor Mine with all resources at our disposal”, said NUM Carletonville Regional Chairperson Zimisele Ponti.

The NUM is issuing a warning to the Blyvoor mine management to desist from entering into union politics. They must refrain from interfering with, restraining, or coercing employees in the exercise of rights relating to organising, forming or joining a trade union of their choice.

The NUM is also extremely worried by the decision taken by Blyvoor Mine management to pay all  workers a standard salary of R5, 500 without benefits like the UIF and the living out allowance. Workers are not being provided with decent housing and transport. There are also no health and safety structures in place at the mine. The NUM is calling for the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy to revoke the mining licence of this company as the company disregarding the laws of this country.

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