The COSATU-affiliated Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) has concluded South Africa’s first ever COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Campaign Industry Framework Agreement. 

It covers the domestic clothing industry. 

This Framework Agreement was negotiated under the auspices of the National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry of South Africa. It was adopted by a Special Council meeting of the clothing bargaining council, held early this morning. 

The Framework Agreement commits the employer- and trade union parties to the clothing bargain council to play a supportive role in the rollout campaign. 

Specifically, the parties committed to work with all stakeholders, including National Government and the National Department of Health, to:

– encourage industry leadership and employees to take the vaccine;

– help debunk myths about the COVID-19 vaccine;

– to assist all shop stewards, human resource managers, wage clerks and other industry personnel are trained regarding the issues involved in the vaccine rollout campaign;

– develop a customised industry registration application for the vaccine rollout;

– ensure that there is no employment contract discrimination for current or future employees who take the vaccine or decline to do so;

– make available our industry healthcare clinics, as well as workplace clinics, to assist with the vaccine rollout;

– make appropriate practical arrangements to enable all employees who wish to take the vaccine, to enable them to do so;

– set an “industry immunity target” COVID-19 vaccine administration achievement rate of 80% of all employees in the industry;

– set up an information helpline for industry employees, about the vaccine and its related rollout processes;

– develop a customised workplace guideline plan in how to facilitate the vaccine rollout, and to make it available to all workplaces in the industry;

– co-operate with medical aids operating in our industry to enhance the rollout campaign;

– encourage and assist where we can in the development of a domestic COVID-19 vaccine;

– encourage a target of 80% of our industry panel doctors and industry and workplace healthcare personnel to register and be accredited as vaccinators;

– support initiatives to fast-track the sourcing, quality and quantity of COVD-19 vaccines.

The Framework Agreement was concluded with all of the 5 clothing industry employer associations which are party to the clothing industry bargaining council, and its coverage is national.

SACTWU will now turn its attention to secure similar Framework Agreements in the textile, leather, distribution, agriculture and other sectors where we are organised.

We are pleased that clothing employers have embraced this campaign and have consented to this Framework Agreement, and have contributed constructively to its finally agreed-to terms.

We regard this as an important next step to help combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Issued by 

André Kriel 



If further information or comment is required, kindly contact: 

Membinkosi Villina, SACTWU Deputy General Secretary on cell number 0815853798

Bonita Loubser, SACTWU 1st National Organising Secretary,  on cell number 0828007142

Michael Shabalala, SACTWU 2nd National Organising Secretary on cell number 0817823753