COSATU Free State calls for a political solution to political challenges in the Province

COSATU Free State has watched with keen interest the political developments in our Province, especially in as far as our Alliance Partner, the ANC is concerned.

We have noted the SCA judgement in relation to the status of the ANC Provincial Executive Committee which was elected in 2018. We have also noted that there has been differing views about the matter in as far as what should be direction by the organization going forward.

As the Federation we have a direct interest on these developments with the ANC as our Alliance Partner particularly because the said partner, is also the ruling Party. These developments within the ruling Party will have a ripple effect on all other structures, where the Movement has influence and that would include, even the government and the state.

Quite several negative developments have surfaced lately including the anti-revolutionary trend of ANC deployees ganging up with the opposition to pass a motion of no confidence to another ANC deployee.

It is against that background that we call for a cease fire to comrades involved in the different factions in the province. We make a call to all the applicants and respondents to the current court debacle to engage each other to find amicable solution. We call on the comrades to give a political intervention a chance as we believe that only a political solution has the potential to bring about lasting solution, and unity in the province and that courts can never resolve political problems.

As the Federation we would like to be actively involved in seeking a lasting solution to the unity of the movement in the province.

The Federation would thus be making a presentation to Luthuli house about our willingness and availability to serve in the Provincial Task Team [PTT] structure should it be established. As the Federation we are willing to work towards organizational revival and unifying the movement in the province. As the Federation we are calling for the direct representation of the Alliance partners in the Provincial Task Team or any other interim structure which may be put in place by the ANC NEC or National Working Committee.

 We remember all too well that we have found ourselves in the similar space several times previously. We believe that we would need to give another approach a chance on the matter, we cannot continue to constitute the interim structures the same way as previously and expect different results!

Issued by COSATU Free State


Monyatso oa Mahlatsi

COSATU Free State Provincial Secretary

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