COSATU condemns Israeli forces’ brutal crackdown and atrocious attacks on Palestinians

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) strongly condemns the ongoing attacks by Israel’s military forces on the people of Palestine which have resulted in at least 20 Palestinians dead and several others injured. At least 90 Palestinians were wounded on Saturday 8th May 2021, during an Israeli police crackdown on protesters outside the Old City of Jerusalem, while another 200 Palestinians were injured on Friday when Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Sunday’s skirmishes – though less intense than those seen in recent days – raised the likelihood of a further escalation on Monday, when Israelis marked what they call Jerusalem Day – the day East Jerusalem was occupied in 1967 and later annexed by Israel.

 Hundreds of Palestinians were then wounded on the morning of Monday, May 10th when Israeli forces attacked the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem with stun grenades, tear gas sells and rubber-coated bullets for the second time in four days. At least 307 of the wounded are admitted to different hospitals for treatment. Scores of them have been arrested by the Israeli forces. Following Monday’s events, the situation has deteriorated as Israel launched airstrikes along the Gaza Strip, killing 25 and injuring hundreds within hours. This is a clear indication of a Zionist attempt to create a new reality in the holy city of Jerusalem.

 COSATU condemns this symmetric conflict and continues to call on the international community to pressure their governments to condemn these brutal deeds and hold Israel accountable for the killing of children and innocent people who seek nothing but to exercise their rights to live in their own homes, and worship in peace without being harassed by Israeli settlers and police. 

 The federation also calls for greater support for the international boycott, divestment, and sanction campaign against Israel, which continues to be violent and ruthless in attacking and murdering those who stand in its way. We furthermore urge the US Biden Administration to put pressure on Israel to stop these attacks so that matters do not reach a stage that cannot be controlled. The Biden Administration should support the two-state solution, humanitarian aid to Palestinians, and divorce itself from this unconditional military and diplomatic support for Israel.

 COSATU reaffirms its support of the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to national sovereignty and the same human rights as any other people. We demand the immediate end to the Israeli siege and the illegal occupation of the sovereign territory which has been violently apprehended from the Palestinian nation.

 We shall never rest until the people of Palestine are free!

 Issued by COSATU

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