SADTU Gauteng is outraged by violent criminal behaviour meted out to the principal of the Laerskool Theresapark school.This barbaric action has been widely shared through a video clip circulating on social media platforms. The principal was violently removed from the school premises by a group of backward parents. She sustained injuries during this unacceptable incident.

Whatever differences the parents have with the principal, these do not justify violence to resolve them. Everyone has a fundamental right to dignity as enshrined in our Constitution, not such humiliation. All our schools must be safe havens protected against these criminal elements.  All stakeholders have recourse through which they register their discontent and resolve their issues.

We call on the Gauteng Department of Education (DGE) to provide the necessary support to the school principal and those who have been traumatized by this unfortunate situation. The GDE must also investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

Furthermore, we call on the law enforcement agencies to investigate the matter and subject those who are found to be responsible to the might of the law.


Tseliso Ledimo: Provincial Secretary-0824594737

Mosedi Matjhitje: Provincial Deputy Secretary-0722732431