Memorandum presented to the Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane on 01 June 2021

      Wage and salary increase

1.       Negotiations are currently underway at the South African Local Government Bargaining

Council (SALGBC) on Wage and Salary negotiations. Instead of assisting to ensure speedy conclusion of the collective agreement, SAMWU noted unfortunate statement by the Executive Mayor that the City is bankrupt and MMC for Finance saying workers in Tshwane will not receive salary increase.  

We therefore demand the following:

·         Single Year Salary and Wage agreement

·         Salary increase of R 4 000.00

·         Housing allowance of R 3 500.00 for all workers

·         R 15 000.sectoral minimum wage

·         80/20 medical aid contribution

·         Access to municipal serviced stands

·         That the Executive Mayor lobby SALGA to accede to workers’ demands


2.       SAMWU has been engaging the City in the last 4 years to ensure that municipal buildings are compliant in line with Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements. In December 2020 SAMWU wrote to the Executive Mayor on non-compliant buildings but to date nothing has been done. These buildings include ISIVUNO, TMPD in Boom Street, Mabopane and Madiba 1, Bothongo Plaza, Graasdak in Region 7, Merngvers and Danlouw in Region 4 and many other buildings. Further to that we also learnt that the City is paying rent in some unoccupied buildings like BKS and that we have exceeded carrying capacity of Tshwane House even though ventilation is a challenge

We therefore demand the following

·         That the City ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Act

·         That all non-conformances identified by OHS reports be corrected

·         That failure to correct this will lead to closure on all non-compliant buildings

·         That the Acting City Manager intervene at Group Property due to its inability to maintain City buildings

·         The City has 14 days to confirm that non conformances have been addressed


3.       SAMWU, in December 2020, reported to both the Executive Mayor and Acting City Manager of challenges at Metro Police. Some of the challenges include unilateral implementation of grading system (2000 and 500 intake) and dilapidating offices. Further to that, the department continues to ignore implementation of Awards and Grievance outcomes. The department has also taken a posture to continuously harass members

We therefore demand the following

·         That the Office of the Executive Mayor intervene to avoid total collapse of the department

·         That the City respond to allegations made against the Chief Of Police that she misrepresented her qualifications and that no waiver was sought from the MEC before her appointment

·         That the City nullify appointment of Deputy Chief Nkwashu due to qualifications

·         That the City implement Award and Grievance of both 2000 and 500 intake on a correct grading system


4.       City of Tshwane is blessed with two Power Stations ( Rooiwal and Pretoria West) with a capacity to generate 400 megawatts. Noting the challenges experienced by the Country in terms of electricity generation, capacity of this two stations can cushion the City against loadshedding

We therefore demand the following

·         That the City starts generating electricity at the two power stations

·         That funds be availed to ensure availability of coal and oil and that all dysfunctional turbines be fixed

·         That the City pilot implementation of waste to energy strategy


5.       Over a period, we have witnessed growing tendencies by the employer to victimize shopstewards. The employer has also graduated to employing some rogue elements to track movement of stewards and listening to conversations. Some Regional Office Bearers have been taken to Court by employers proxies some demanding that they be demoted and others suing for R 500 000. In one case the employer through rogue elements accused one Regional Office Bearer of human trafficking. Metro Police leadership has also tried to suspend all Shopstewards within their department. the new tendency is to utilize rogue units to instill fear on leaders  

We therefore demand the following

·         That the City refrain from threatening Shopstewards and on using rogue elements

·         That the Executive Mayor caution his subordinates on utilizing state resources to fight their own personal issues and stop union bashing

·         That Martin Steyn be suspended for calling one shopsteward a Kaffir


6.       The employer has shown an appetite to outsource services currently done by permanent employees. This is mainly happening at Parks, Waste management, Group Property and Tshwane Bus Service. SAMWU has also identified services at Group ICT which can be performed internally

7.       Further to that challenge is the privatization of roads in the City leading to A Re Yeng being the only company using the Red Carpet. Tshwane Bus Service that transport majority of the working is left to navigate congested roads.

We therefore demand the following

·         That the City stop outsourcing municipal services

·         That Group Property appoint permanent cleaners

·         That Tshwane Bus Service be allowed to utilize Red Carpet

·         That all charges against drivers who utilized Red carpet be withdrawn   


8.       The City has developed a tendency of entirely depending outside attorneys to manage disciplinary hearings costing millions of rands. This is done even though the City has empowered many Managers to preside over hearings  

We therefore demand the following

·         That the City utilize all those trained for the purpose

·         That utilization of outside attorneys be stopped with immediate effect


9.       SAMWU has noted the clandestine operations of a white cabal within the City. In some instances this cabal has blocked implementation of Awards and Grievance outcomes through review applications. The view of this rogue elements is that all that seeks to benefit black people is not implemented and all progressive managers be frustrated.

We therefore demand the following

·         That there be an investigation into the matter. Union will provide further details


10.   Municipal employees have been at the forefront of providing services even during hard lockdown. Most have tested positive whereas others lost their lives whilst ensuring that residents are taken care off

We therefore demand the following

·         That the City pay a COVID allowance of R 3 500.00


11.   SAMWU has noted the delay in resolving the Capacity issue and subsequent court process lodged by some intended beneficiaries. In the process some of the people who are not part of the court process are made to suffer. It is also alleged that the City irregularly spent 80 million on the crooked matter. We also realized that correct beneficiaries were left out

We therefore demand the following

·         That the City avail outcome of forensic into the matter

·         That all those fingered on the report be made to account

·         That all those intended beneficiaries be verified and appointed and employer find a way of resolving issues of those in court


12.   SAMWU appreciate the movement by the employer to insource security guards. We have however noted that some of the qualifying comrades were left out of the process. Some were terminated by security companies in favour of those related to them so to smuggle them into the absorption process

We therefore demand the following

·         That all qualifying security guards be insourced

·         That all those who have signed contracts be paid immediately


13.   The City has been without permanent City Manager and Chief of Emergency Services for almost a year. This has created instability within the administration. The current Acting City Manager was part of the Provincial intervention team and has overstayed her welcome

We therefore demand the following

·         That the Executive Mayor and Council fill the position of City Manager

·         That the Council finalize Previn Govender matter 

The City has 07 days to respond to this memorandum

Presented on behalf of SAMWU