The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) can confirm that Eskom has collapsed the wage negotiations. Eskom has declared a dispute with the trade unions. The NUM will wait for the CCMA date for conciliation. 

The NUM is optimistic that the CCMA process will be able to resolve this dispute. The NUM conditionally reviewed its demands yesterday to 10%, with a condition that Eskom must make a proper offer. Now that Eskom has failed to make an offer the revert back to its original demands of 15%, closing the Apartheid Wage Gap, conditions of services and organizational rights.

The NUM is extremely angered and disturbed after Eskom GCE Andre De Ruyter released a misleading statement yesterday to all Eskom employees misleading and lying to them of the proceedings at the Central Bargaining Forum (CBF). This is the same person who refused to address the CBF but dares to deliberately misrepresent and lie about the proceedings of the CBF. We condemn the misinformation by Eskom to our members yesterday. Eskom failed to negotiate with and wants to negotiate directly with our members. They are refusing to bargain, because we are still in the beginning of the 3rd round of negotiations as per our recognition agreement.

The Eskom disciplinary code classifies misinforming as serious misconduct. The GCE did not only misinform our members but also disrespected and contravened the recognition agreement. Contravening the agreement with trade unions is also misconduct. 

The Eskom Disciplinary Procedure states the following below:

2. ACTS OF MISCONDUCT An employee shall be guilty of misconduct if he/she does the following. 

2.1 Contravenes or fails to comply with Eskom’s Conditions of Service, agreements with trade unions, operating regulations, security and/or safety measures, procedures, directives and applicable statutory requirements. 

2.30 Makes any false statement or representation that relates too or ensues from, his/her duties.

For this reason, we call on the shareholder or the chairman of the board to institute disciplinary measures. No one is immune from complying with the disciplinary code of the company. The GCE must be suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. Since the CBF started the GCE have been releasing statements deliberately lying to our members on the proceedings of the CBF. He is using the racist tactic to decide and rule. He wants to negotiate directly with our members.

We were very clear when we conditionally revised our demands. We said we have the right to revert to our original position. We are not in any way compromising the demands of our members. We are negotiating in good faith unfortunately we are faced with an employee that is hellbent to negotiate in bad faith.

For more information, please contact:

William Mabapa, NUM Acting General Secretary, 082 880 4439

Khangela Baloyi, NUM Energy Sector Coordinator, (021)550 4294/ 072 450 6251