North West Loses investment due to Poor Service delivery

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the Norths West has learned with disappointment that the largest cheese factory in the country is about to leave the province in the coming year.

COSATU has learned that Clover SA will be moving its Plant from Lichtenburg in the North West to Kwazulu Natal and this is because the Ditsobotla municipality has failed to meet service delivery needs like water and roads.

COSATU has learned that Clover and other companies have on several occasions engaged the municipality wanting to intervene on service delivery but the municipality has failed to accept the proposals which were coming from the companies.

As COSATU in the North West, we are disappointed because about 380 workers are going to lose their jobs and their livelihoods, and this will also affect other companies who have been doing business with the company.

COSATU also notes that this happens at a time when the province has lost about 11000 jobs in the last quarter and about 36000 in the past year.

COSATU believes that these are the results of the failure of the fifth administration to develop a comprehensive economic strategy and again the failure to deploy people who have leadership skills in the 2016 local government elections.

COSATU is also concern that the sixth administration is not making efforts to correct the wrong which were made by the fifth administration.

COSATU calls on the Premier to personally intervene on the matter as it involves billions of investments that will be moved from the province.

COSATU calls on all municipalities in the province to prioritise service delivery as poor services have the potential to drive away investors.

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Kopano Konopi (Provincial Secretary)

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