COSATU Gauteng statement on the rise of COVID-19 infections in the province

 The Congress of South African Trade Unions in Gauteng has noted the peak of the COVID-19 cases in the province before the actual peak country-wide. We have noted the efforts to curb the spread of the virus by the Gauteng Provincial Government and plea by Premier David Makhura that people should observe COVID-19 protocols and behavioral change.

 Much as the efforts are appreciated, the fight against Covid-19 will not be won through behavioral changes only but could be won through an urgent massive vaccination rollout program. COSATU in Gauteng is however not shocked but is vindicated that the health system that is cure focus is not sustainable and bound to fail in the face of pandemics like COVID-19. Instead of being proactive and preventative, the government must use hospitals as a plan to manage COVID-19. Full hospital beds are a reflection of a poor health system and poor planning on the side of the government. 

 COSATU in Gauteng supports the efforts of Premier David Makhura and his government and calls the national government to urgently roll out vaccination to the working-class areas. We further call the government to put in place a team of scientists to search for a South African vaccine as a matter of urgency. We are worried that trials for European vaccines take place in our country but it is difficult to secure them for use in our country.

 Whilst we hear strict and tight restrictions proposed by the Premier and the President for Gauteng, it will be devastating for the economy that lost almost a million jobs only in Gauteng. The intervention to force those excluded from economic activities is opposed hence our call for urgent mass vaccination without categorizing it is the case now.

 Provincial Secretary: Louisa Modikwe – 066 182 2402 or 074 226 6879

 Provincial Chairperson: Amos Monyela – 079 493 5002