The National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union [NEHAWU] supports the struggle being waged by the People of Swaziland against the brutal and repressive Tinkhundla Regime for a democratic Swaziland.

The on-going mass actions by the people of Swaziland come as a direct result of the decades of oppression and repression by the Swazi Monarch. The people of Swaziland have experienced repression since the enactment of the 1973 decree banning all political parties, trade union movement and other progressive formations fighting for democracy. 

The Monarch under Mswati, has over decades violated every basic tenet of human rights as enshrined in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. The people of Swaziland have been subjected to inhumane conditions of abject poverty, inequality and unemployment whilst Mswati and the Royal Family live a life of opulence in the midst of the Swazi People struggling for survival.

Under Mswati, we have witnessed a systematic and brutal repression of political formations, trade unions, student organisation and civic movements. The regime has over the years, imprisoned many political activists, who stood opposed to the Tinkhundla Regime. There are still many political prisoners languishing in Swazi jails including the South African Comrade Amos Mbedzi.

Once again, with the ongoing mass action in the country, the despot and the regime have resorted to a violent crackdown, instead of abdicating and embracing dialogue towards a democratic dispensation in the country. The regime has unleashed terror on the people of Swaziland and has killed innocent civilians, arresting and torturing many activist that are calling for a democratic order in the country. 

It let loose the security forces to clampdown on protests. The curfew remains a cover to murder civilians and the communication blackout is aimed to curtail information on the murderous attacks on the people. 

NEHAWU, has for years campaigned for the dismantling of the Mswati dictatorship, for a democratic Swaziland and the release of all political prisoners and remain consistent in support of these demands by the people of Swaziland.

We are in full support of the struggle being pursued by the progressive forces in Swaziland until the basic wishes of the people are realised.

As such we call on all progressive forces in the world to support the people of Swaziland and bring to an end the dictatorship of the Mswati regime.

SADC will shoulder the responsibility of any further bloodshed and should thus demand that the regime confines the criminal army to the barracks. The security forces and police should defy unlawful and anti-people instructions from a government not paying civil servants.

We also call on the imposition of targeted sanctions, especially in the acquisition of military equipment that will prop up Mswati’s killing machine. We call on the South African government to act fastidious in protecting lives of ordinary people and desist from anything that extends the lifespan of the dictatorship.


Issued by NEHAWU Secretariat

Zola Saphetha (General Secretary) at 082 558 5968; December Mavuso (Deputy General Secretary) at 082 558 5969