Communication Workers Union (CWU) welcomes the CCMA ruling on a matter that was between SABC and CWU on behalf of her member, Rozalia Whitehead. The matter relates to a case of the 5th of September 2019, where a wrong pre-recorded video clip of a speech made by H.E. President – Cyril Ramaphosa was broadcasted on television. The CCMA ruled for the SABC to reinstate Whitehead to the same position she had occupied at the time of her dismissal with retrospective effect and must report back to work on the 1st of October 2021. 

At the time, CWU insisted that this wrong clip was played on air because of poor management and running the department on skeleton staff. However, the management of the SABC was preoccupied with their plan to retrench workers and kept on shifting the goal post through their propaganda. They eventually publicly announced and told the parliament portfolio committee that the entire incident was a sabotage. Despite making this fallacious argument, the public broadcaster management to date failed to bring any person to book on such charges. This means that SABC management lied in public and parliament without consequences. CWU calls for the management of the SABC to apologize to Parliament, the community of the Republic, and most importantly to workers of the SABC who are doing their best under difficult circumstances to provide exceptional service.

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