COSATU in the North-West Province calls on the residents of Ward 2 in Borolelo near Swartruggens to apply consciousness when voting in the Local Government Elections

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the North-West province appeals for calm and consciousness among the residents of Ward 2 in Borolelo near Swartruggens when they cast their votes starting with the Special Votes on the 30th-31st of October 2021 and on election day on the 1st of November 2021.

We live in a democratic country wherein everyone is having the freedom of association as guaranteed in the Constitution of the country.

However, such freedom should not be exercised at the expense and to the detriment of anyone especially the previously oppressed and marginalised. We are a Federation of workers pursuing the struggles of workers and the working-class in general, therefore, we cannot mislead the working-class people no matter their freedom of association politically.

We want to remind the residents of Borolelo of Nonkie Lebelo, Kedibone Matsoso, Batsheng Matshe, Khuduga, Bimbo who are all victims of William Ruocheer who is the Independent Candidate in Kgetleng Ward 2.

Indeed, we live in a municipality that is dependent on tourism, agriculture, and small mining for economic development. Indeed, this economy has not done much to ensure that we create more jobs in Kgetlengrivier but that cannot be changed by an independent candidate who does not have the mandate or a concrete plan. And has a history of harassing and victimising African people who live in the same area where he wants votes.

To that effect, we call on all residents of Borolelo, in particular, residents of Ward 2 not to allow our economic situation to undermine our dignity, integrity, and consciousness by voting in a person who has caused so much pain to our people and families. 

Residents of Borolelo cannot be for sale. Let us reject our enemy who comes to us in our colours and pretend to be one of us whereas in reality, he is the one inflicting more pain than poverty in our lives.

For more information contact:

 COSATU North-West Provincial Secretary | Cde Kopano Konopi | 082 339 5836.