COSATU Mpumalanga ready to host both its Gender Conference and Its Provincial Congress.


It is all systems go for the Congress of South African Trade Union in Mpumalanga to host both its Gender and Provincial Congresses whose objective will be to monitor and evaluate its performance for the past three years. The congresses are scheduled to take place as follows:

Date    :           25 – 26 January 2022 (Gender Conference)

Venue :           Ella De Bruin Hall (Ermelo)

Time   :           09h00

Date    :           27 – 28 January 2022 (Provincial Congress)

Venue :           Ella De Bruin Hall (Ermelo)

Time   :           09h00

The congresses will be held under the theme “Deepen the back – to – basic campaign, consolidate the struggle for the NDR and advance the struggle for socialism”.

The congress will focus on the following pillars in order to assess its performance of the work done for the period under review:

  • Political assessment
    • The congress will thoroughly assess and evaluate the state of the congress movement and the balance of forces as they prevail internationally, nationally and provincially.
    •  Focus on the Local Government pre and post elections campaign
    • The state of the alliance and progress of the alliance reconfiguration
  • Socio-economic Section
    • The meeting will also evaluate the prevailing socio-economic discourse and challenges confronting both the working class and the poor.
    • The meeting will further analyse the impact of implementation of  the policy discourse that is in favour of the working class and the poor for the past decade.
    • The meeting will also deal with development of concrete proposals and measures on how to mitigate the adverse impact of the economic downturn as a result of the impact of covid-19 pandemic and the decline of the neoliberal economy.
  • Organisational Building
    • The meeting will thoroughly preoccupy itself with evaluating the state and influence of the federation in advancing its objectives of defending the rights of workers.
    • The meeting will also monitor its different organisational pillars and provide proposals on how the federation can build strong, vibrant and effective engines that are impactful.
  • International Assessment and the Balance of Forces
    • The meeting will do a thorough analysis of the prevailing material conditions as they affect our outlook and objectives as the left forces both internationally and nationally.
    • The meeting will further evaluate and assess its role and impact of the federations’ campaign in advancing for the emancipation of the left forces in the international space.
    • The meeting will lastly develop future programs and campaigns on how the federation can intensify its future campaigns and programs.

Issued by

COSATU Mpumalanga

Provincial Secretary

Thabo Mokoena

Mobile : 0737502041