07 February 2022

The Congress of South African Trade Unions North-West province is convening its 6th Provincial Congress on 10-11 February 2022 at the Madiba Banquet Hall in Potchefstroom at the J.B. Marks municipality. 

The 6th Provincial Congress is held under the theme “Deepen the Back-To-Basics Campaign, Consolidate the Struggle for the NDR and Advance the Struggle for Socialism”.

The 6th Provincial Congress will receive a report which accounts for the past three years from 2018. The report will give an account of the organisational, socio-economic, political, and international programmes of the Federation in the province since the beginning of the term of office to date.

The congress will also be seized with the important task of electing a provincial office bearers’ collective that will be tasked, inter-alia, with implementing the resolutions of the congress for the next term of office.

This congress will be preceded by an inaugural Provincial Gender Conference. The inaugural gender conference demonstrates the commitment of the Federation in advancing the gender struggle as part of our national democratic revolution. The provincial gender conference will be held at the same venue as the provincial congress from 8-9 February 2022.

We are also aware that this provincial congress takes place in a very crucial year of conferences and congresses of all components of the alliance at national and provincial levels. Our own provincial congress will precede those of the other components of the alliance and therefore, we are alive to the huge revolutionary responsibility that our congress carries. We vow not to fail in our revolutionary responsibilities.

We also take this opportunity to invite the media in our province to cover both our provincial gender conference and provincial congress except for closed sessions.

We are looking forward to holding a very fruitful conference and congress. All roads lead to Potchefstroom in the J.B. Marks municipality.

For more information, please contact:

COSATU North-West Provincial Secretary,

Cde Kopano Konopi 

082 339 5836.