The Diepsloot Week-Long Crisis Reflects Government Failures

COSATU in Gauteng has observed with mixed feelings what has been happening in Diepsloot but we are not surprised. Though not surprised we condemn criminality and killing of South Africans and foreign nationals in that part of the province. We warned that South Africa is sitting on a ticking time bomb, the 2021 July riots, the killing of and the attacking of doctors in Soweto, and the emergence of populist movements in Gauteng are points of reference.

The working class is confronted by serious socio-economic challenges culminating from poor policy choices and mismanagement of the economy. Instead of venting anger to relevant people, the working class resorts to being at war with itself and foreign nationals. Our African brothers and sisters are also victims of mismanagement of their countries’ economies by political elites they put in power. Foreign nationals, particularly Africans are not responsible for the collapse of SOEs, corruption, electricity crisis, unemployment, poverty, and inequality, it is the government that is responsible for this unfortunate situation in South Africa.

The anger of the working class should not be vented at foreign nationals but at the government of South Africa as well as African governments responsible for mismanaging their economies and subjecting a citizen to poverty whilst they leave in opulence. The working class can chase Zimbabweans, Mozambicans, Malawians, and many others out of South Africa, but the situation will remain the same. It is for this reason that we strengthen the call for the building of a left popular front inclusive of all left forces and organizations to confront the failing system.

The total sum of this crisis is a result of the betrayal of the working class by political elites in the South African government across all three spheres of government. The economy has not created jobs, services are not provided, the living conditions of the working class are appalling, unemployment has hit its highest mark since 1994, and monopoly capital assisted by the government is thriving.

In the midst of all these challenges, COSATU in Gauteng reaffirms its call to convene a socio-economic conference towards the end of May to deal with challenges faced by the working class 28 years since the democratic government was elected.

Provincial Chairperson: Amos Monyela -0794935002

Provincial Deputy Chairperson: Thabang Sonyathi – 0834993729