COSATU Gauteng wishes the SACP a successful provincial congress

10 June 2022

The Congress of South African Trade Unions(COSATU) in Gauteng wishes the South African Communist Party(SACP) in Gauteng a fruitful and successful congress, which will be convened from 11-12 June 2022. This congress is taking place at a time when the working class is confronted by difficult socio-economic challenges which include poor service delivery, unemployment, poverty, widened inequalities, corruption and lawlessness amongst others.

In an added effort to address these challenges, our government is implementing neo-liberal austerity measures which will target the reduction of the budget on health, education, safety and security, salaries of public servants just to mention a few, in the same way that corporate tax was reduced for the benefit of business.

The political situation in the alliance has deteriorated.  Political education is non-existent and the working class continues to bear the brunt of high costs while leaders look on. We’ve noticed the mushrooming of opportunistic organisations who are taking advantage of this situation and using it to advance their own agenda.  It is for these reasons that the 14 Provincial Congress of COSATU held in February 2022 resolved to build and strengthen the SACP.

COSATU in Gauteng therefore calls on the SACP through its provincial congress to strengthen it’s resolutions which are directed at building the left popular front, building a mass party entrenched in working class areas and working with COSATU to fight the current challenges facing the working class.

Issued by COSATU Gauteng.

For more information please contact: Provincial Secretary – Louisa Modikwe: 066 182 2402
Provincial Chairperson – Amos Monyela: 079 493 5002