Sasbo the Finance Union, who represents more than 70 000 banking and finance workers have appealed with Standard Bank to recall their Mandatory Vaccination Policy.

In terms of this policy, the bank expected all employees to be vaccinated by 4 April 2022 and those who could not be accommodated elsewhere faced dismissal.

Thus far, the Union is aware of around 40 employees who have been dismissed and Sasbo will challenge all cases where Union members were dismissed.

Many other employees remain on Special Leave pending their Incapacity Hearings. Subsequent to Government lifting of all protocols related to Covid, it seems the bank is adamant to continue with their policy.

Sasbo has asked the bank to stop their Incapacity Hearings for unvaccinated employees and to reinstate those who have already been dismissed.

Sasbo believes that its members should get vaccinated but that ultimately, the decision to vaccinate or not, lies with each individual. Some employees have been with the bank for almost 40 years and now face dismissal because of a bank policy that should have been recalled. Other employers in the banking and finance industry have already recalled their Mandatory Vaccination Policies.

Sasbo will challenge these dismissals on behalf of their members.

Issued by SASBO

Modime Joe Kokela General Secretary 

Tel: 011 467 0192
Cell: 082 827 9526