COSATU North-West vows to reclaim its status as a vigorous campaigner and to serve workers in the province

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) in the North-West province met virtually in its ordinary meeting of the Provincial Executive Committee on Tuesday, 19 July 2022.  This was a follow up to the meeting that did not quorate on 08 July 2022.

As the second ordinary meeting of the Provincial Executive Committee since the 6th Provincial Congress of February 2022, the PEC was attended by the majority of COSATU Affiliates and by Locals.

This gathering took place under challenging times for the Federation in the province especially for the collective of provincial office bearers.  Despite the mentioned circumstances, the secretariat report was presented and discussed, focusing on organisational, political, and socio-economic assessments.

Delegates further engaged in honest deliberations on the following assessments and took far reaching decisions listed below:

Organisational Assessment

The PEC meeting took note of the organisational challenges facing the Federation and its Affiliates in the province and resolved to revisit the decision to convene a Provincial Secretariat Retreat before the end of August 2022.  On the agenda will be the sole aim of addressing and nullifying these organisational difficulties.

Locals were also deliberated at length, and it was resolved that Affiliates should submit proposed resolutions to the upcoming COSATU national congress.  These proposed resolutions will assist the functioning of locals as basic units of the Federation.

An update was received regarding the unfolding matter of the Provincial Chairperson of COSATU and other office bearers of locals. This was noted and it was resolved that the nature of the case is sub-judice and should be treated as such.   However, the PEC committed to monitor the developments with keen interest.

Political Assessment

The Provincial Secretary presented the political assessment and delegates conceded that the political situation in the province is presenting concrete challenges that need concrete solutions.

The meeting also deliberated on the upcoming ANC Provincial Conference.  It took note of the ANC’s mountainous factional politics which remove the focus of the organisation from its tasks and the those of the national democratic revolution.

Leading to the Provincial Conference of the ANC, the PEC resolved that as the Federation should refrain from asserting association with any leader as this practice only perpetuates the cult of personality and entrenches factionalism.

We should rather engage on the type of collective leadership that is needed- leadership that will be brave and decisive enough to extinguish factional differences and elevate the organisation.  The ANC in the province has far more important and pressing socio and economic challenges that must addressed with the necessary urgency.  As the Federation, we will work with any leadership collective of the ANC that is prepared to put the party and its role as a leader of society first.  Any leadership collective that is hell-bent on perpetuating the status quo of elevating the factionalism above the organisation must expect resistance from COSATU. The PEC adopted the political discussion document towards the ANC conference and directed the POB to meet with the alliance before releasing the document for public comment.

Members of COSATU and the SACP who have deviated from the mandate of the movement should be rebuilt and strengthened to regain the position of the working class as the prime motive force of the national democratic revolution.

Socio-Economic Assessment

Progress in terms of the section 100 intervention was noted. It was decided that a meeting be convened with the governmental provincial executive led by Premier Kaobaka Maape. Additionally, the PEC of COSATU must receive a comprehensive progress report in terms of the section intervention.  We will then evaluate the success rate of this intervention in addressing hurdles that stunted the provincial departments’ ability to overcome challenges in the province.

The Federation has been calling for a provincial economic summit without any success. It will therefore release its document to the Alliance partners in the province with the intention of stirring an engagement to explore ways to improve the economy.  Thereafter, it will insist on an Alliance Political Council to further discuss this document and emerge with concrete proposals for economic advancement.

The current state of the economy and the high cost of living including high petrol prices, exorbitant electricity tariffs and increased food costs were also tabled.  It was agreed to further discuss these matters at the Provincial Organisers’ Forum and Provincial Campaigns Committee meetings and emerge with a programme that will expand the Federation’s footprint in the province.  The PEC will also revisit all memorandums previously submitted to government and private companies and ensure that responses to them are received.


The 6th COSATU Provincial Congress was unambiguous when it directed that the Federation should revert to being a vigorous campaigner.  As the PEC we are clear of the road that lies ahead to achieve this goal since emerging from the 6th Provincial Congress in February 2022.  In that regard, we are committed to concretely address all challenges that have been plaguing the Federation and unreservedly declare that we will not fail our members and workers of this province.

Issued by COSATU North-West

For more information, please contact the COSATU North-West Provincial Secretary, Cde Kopano Konopi at 082 339 5836.