COSATU welcomes the National Assembly’s passage of the Land Court Bill

The Congress of South African Trade Unions(COSATU) supports the Land Court Bill, which will allow for the establishment of a dedicated Land Court to judge land cases.  This will ensure that courts designated to land related matters have the necessary expertise and understanding.  The Federation hopes this Bill will help alleviate the perennial delays countless land claimants, farm workers, labour tenants and their families face when lodging land restitution or farm evictions cases. 

For this Land Court to achieve its progressive objectives, government must sustainably provide it with proper resources. Furthermore, it is imperative that it does not sit solely in Johannesburg. These facilities should be established across all provinces, particularly in rural areas.

The Bill will now be referred to the National Council of Provinces for consideration. We urge the NCOP to guarantee the Bill’s provisions to sufficiently empower the Land Court to attend to all land cases, especially farm evictions.

When Parliament adopts the Bill and it is assented into law by the President, it will be critical for the Departments of Justice; Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Reform; as well as GCIS, to work with COSATU and its Affiliates; as well as the SABC and civil society to undertake mass education campaigns to create awareness among farm workers, labour tenants and land claimants about the court’s accessibility and its services.

Issued by COSATU

For further information please contact:
Matthew Parks-COSATU Parliamentary Coordinator