COSATU North West calls for a full investigation into the donkey cart tender

The Congress of South African Trade unions in the North West province calls for a full investigation into the donkey cart tender which was approved by the Department of Department of Community Safety and Transport Management in the province.

This call emanates from our observation that there seems to be a violation of the procurement process in acquiring the donkey carts. From what we gather from the public domain, it seems that there is an underhand in the process and the violation of the PFMA. 

It is unheard of that a donkey cart can have a maintenance plan of three years! The department must come clean and clarify what is there to maintain?

As COSATU we also view this action by the ANC led government in the province as an admission to the fact that the ANC has failed to transform the lives of our people in the country and wants to keep them in a primitive way of life without making any improvement.

It is an insult to our people to expect them to carry the sick to health care facilities using this mode of transport. It is also an insult to our people to expert them to remain as drawers of water while the rich continue to have piped water on daily basis and also have the luxury to have water for recreational use.

We call on the ANC to drive the transformation of the country to make sure all the people of the republic have access to all basic services which include health, basic services and safe reliable affordable transport system. Donkey carts are not a form of transportation we anticipated in the democratic breakthrough for our people. They are degrading and erode our people’s dignity. 

COSATU calls on the ANC and the Premier to institute a full investigation into this matter and should it be found that there is any transgression, all necessary action must be taken against those who are involved.

Issued by COSATU North West

For more information fell free to contact the Provincial Secretary of COSATU in the North West province comrade Kopano Konopi @ 082 339  5836