COSATU Free State condemns the electricity blackout in Qwaqwa

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) in the Free State has learned with deep sadness and dismay that there has not been electricity supply to the whole of Qwaqwa over the past three days. Facilities without power include the two hospitals, clinics, police stations, factories, malls, shopping complexes, business premises and the general households.

It is dreadful that the three tiers of the state being national, provincial and local are resting on their laurels and have allowed the situation to reach this level despite being purportedly engaged in a process to ensure reliable supply electricity to the area. More appalling is how the town has arrived at zero electricity supply under the watch of these officials, who clearly have no regard for the upkeep of the residents and Qwaqwa’s economic growth. 

The energy illustrated by the Office of the Deputy President to write a response to our previous statement is paramount at this point in time when electricity supply has completely collapsed under its watch. We had hoped the same energy would be applied and translate into visible improvement of reliable electricity supply to the area. As far as we’re concerned, the office cannot offer any explanation and justification for the deterioration of the power supply in the area. It is simply monumental failure under their watch.

We foresee an additional attack on COSATU Free State with an even longer press statement from the Office of the Deputy President. However, the office cannot evade the fact that the people of Qwaqwa need adequate response beyond written or spoken word, in a form of electricity.

We condemn the blackout with the strongest possible terms, and we would like to remind all who have been given the power to govern through the ballot that the term of office has a timeframe! Incidents of poor service delivery such as this will make it even harder to garner enough support in the next elections.

As COSATU Free State we detest that the residents of Qwaqwa have been subjected to so much undue suffering and pain. They are deprived of electricity supply for days on end, threatening the current minimal employment rate. We will continue our battle at platforms such as NEDLAC and pursue other legal means to ensure that we hold government accountable, and that reliable electricity is provided to our members and the community at large.   

The struggle continues!

Issued by COSATU Free StateEnquiries Provincial Secretary Monyatso oa Mahlatsi @ 051 447 5499 or 076 115 9923