COSATU North West supports the service delivery march in Ramotshere Moilwa

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the North West province fully supports the service delivery march by the people of Kgosi Ramotshere Moilwa Local Municipality.

In solidarity, COSATU will participate in this demonstration, which is scheduled to take place on the 20th of January 2023 in Zeerust.

The march is prompted by the lack of service delivery from the state both at the local and the provincial sphere as the people of Ramotshere have been without reliable water over the past twenty years.

Even more appalling is that the area has sufficient natural water sources. The government however fails to provide and supply the water to the residents in a safe and reliable manner. Instead, it continues to procure tankers which not only contain filthy water, but also serve as an opportunity to perpetuate corruption within the state.

It is high time that the people stand up and demand what is rightfully theirs as enshrined in the constitution that water is a basic right.

It cannot be correct that twenty-nine years into democracy, our people are still reduced to be drawers of water and are subjected to substandard services.

The people have a right to access basic services and the state has the responsibility to provide such.

We have heard too many excuses from the state to the point that they have ran out of excuses. What the people want is to be provided with services and not rhetoric.

COSATU calls on the government to respond to the demands of the residents of Ramotshere with proper action which will demonstrate commitment of a state that  wants to better the lives of our people.

Issued by COSATU North West

Kopano Konopi- COSATU NW Provincial Secretary

Cell: 082 339 5836