The ANC NEC Lekgotla’s call for a business unusual approach to resolving South Africa’s many problems should be supported by solid action.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) welcomes the African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee (NEC) Lekgotla’s business unusual approach to resolving South Africa’s many problems and the recognition of the need to move with speed.

The Federation is happy that the President and the Lekgotla have moved to endorse and adopt the Federation’s proposal for the declaration of a State of Disaster to manage the electricity crisis crippling the economy. 

A State of Disaster will send the message to society that government is treating this crisis with the urgency it requires, it will concentrate all of government’s attention and resources to stabilising and rebuilding the grid and providing government and Eskom with the necessary powers and tools to end loadshedding.

The Federation is not looking at new policies, with fifteen (15) months to go before the 2024 national and provincial elections, but the accelerated implementation of the Eskom Social Compact, the Economic Recovery and Reconstruction Plan (ERRP), and other urgent interventions to turn the economy and state around. 

The Federation supports the ANC’s commitment to accelerate the implementation of the ERRP, not only with regards to the Eskom Social Compact, but also to secure and rebuild our passenger and freight railway network, ramp up local procurement, mobilise financial resources to stimulate and expand employment programmes for the unemployed. 

These progressive commitments can only be achieved if the Lekgotla’s commitments to tackle crime and corruption, rebuild the state and in particular dysfunctional municipalities, restore basic services, and accelerate the infrastructure roll out programme are honoured.

What is needed now, is for the upcoming State of the Nation Address and the 2023/24 Budget to speak to these progressive commitments and targets with the necessary budgetary allocations and interventions.

A coherent government is dependent on the ANC expediting its organisational renewal programmes and in particular the suspension and subsequent expulsion of corrupt elements and lawbreakers from the organisation.

The ANC and government, need to move with speed to resolve the crises of loadshedding, unemployment, corruption, cable theft and the myriad of other calamities bedevilling this country. The ANC does not have the luxury of time, what is needed is real progress in the next 6 months, because the people are running out of patience.  

Issued by COSATU

Sizwe Pamla (COSATU National Spokesperson)

Cell: 0609756794