The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) calls on C. Steinweg Bridge Terminals to stop undermining the Bargaining Forum and the demands of the workers. The employer must stop being selfish and arrogant. We started negotiating with the maritime company last year, where we had demanded an increment of 7% with backpay.

The Steinweg company is not complying with the Bargaining at all, they could not meet our demands, we then reached a deadlock because of the employer’s arrogance.

A certificate of non-resolution was then issued by the commissioner. A few days later the employer tabled a revised offer of 6.9% increment with no backpay. At this current moment the employer has once again insulted our members and workers by moving from their initial offer of 6.9% without backpay to 6.5% without backpay effective from the date of signature of the agreement. It is very disgusting that the non-union members were paid their salaries from the 1st of January 2023 which is a discrimination against union members. That is just an insult to our members and workers. They need to pay back the money that is due to the workers. We are not going to let them steal from the poor and the working class.

The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union is the majority and the only recognised union in the company, the organisation has been very consistent and patient with the employer for the past 3 years. We gave the employer a 30-day cool period, picketing rules were signed, and a notice of more than 48 hours was given to the employer before embarking on strike. However, the employer tried to disown the position and the agreement tabled by the commissioner which we see as an attach to the forum.

The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union is also addressing the allegations of racism and discrimination that are said to be taking place in the company. We are aware of the ill-treatment directed to black people at the C Steinweg Bridge Terminal. We will never tolerate that, South African is a democratic country and it has to come to an end. Right now.

Maritime sector is one of the biggest sectors in the country and it is our members and workers in this sector that are bringing billions of rands to this company, but the employer continues to insulting and disrespect the workers.

The strike has entered its second week and the employer is losing millions of rands every day because of greediness. The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union remains committed to fight for its members, inequality, racism, and poverty. The union is more than willing and ready to sit down with the employer only if the employer tables a new and a reasonable offer. Until then the strike continues.

Issued by SATAWU