The National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union [NEHAWU] is vindicated by the Independent Assessor Report on the University of South Africa [UNISA] detailing the deplorable state of governance and administration at the institution. 

As NEHAWU, we are not surprised nor shocked by the outcomes of the investigation by the Independent Assessor. The union was in the forefront of highlighting the rampant scourge of maladministration, collapse of governance, corruption, undermining of collective bargaining, disregard for labour laws and authoritarian management, union bashing, victimisation, harassment, intimidation of employees and violation of recruitment policies and procurement.

Indeed, the report has exposed the decay and rot in the institution which is characterised by maladministration, financial irregularities, human resources failures, fragile and troubled ICT environment, poor student services, academic malpractices, culture of fear, intimidation and bullying, questionable Management and Council decisions, amongst others.

The report underscores our long held view that the Vice-Chancellor, Management and Council have caused the instability in the institution with their high-handed management style. It is under their leadership that there has been collapse of administration and management, corruption, maladministration and complete disregard for collective bargaining and complete disregard for labour laws in the institution.

The report highlights how policies were violated by both Management and Council and their failure to ensure stability, strategic direction, financial compliance and a positive public image of the institution. The report found financial irregularities particularly in the Supply Chain Management including policy deviations, disregard for due processes and other questionable decisions by Management and Council.

As NEHAWU, we are vindicated by the report as it confirms what we had raised about the Vice-Chancellor in undermining the recruitment and selection processes of the institution and the appointment of five people in her office without any advertisement and selection processes bear reference.

Equally, the report reveals that the Vice-Chancellor acted improperly and fully participated in the procurement process which include amongst others; the renovations at the VC’s house and procurement of laptops, etc. 

Furthermore, the report highlights the pervasive culture of fear, intimidation, bullying and victimisation of workers and students by the VC and management of the institution. Indeed, this proves correctly our assertion that the VC has no regard for labour laws and this was evident when she terminated the employment contracts of our office bearers without any due process. In this regard, we reiterate our call for the immediate reinstatement of our members as employees of the university.

As NEHAWU, we call on the Minister of Higher Education and Training to fully implement all the recommendations of the report by the Independent Assessor and to immediately dissolve the council and put in place an administrator in the institution.

The report has made damning findings against the Vice-Chancellor and as such, we call for the removal of the Professor Puleng LenkaBula as the Vice-Chancellor of UNISA.

As NEHAWU, we will not rest until there is proper governance, administration and management in UNISA. We will continue championing the interest of our members, workers and students at the institution. In two weeks from now, the national union will meet with its branch executive committee to discuss and find possible options available at our disposal to ensure the processing and full implementation of the report where necessary consult the security agencies and court of laws as we shall not fold our arms watching individuals and groups hell-bent in destroying our centres of knowledge production.


Issued by NEHAWU Secretariat Zola Saphetha (General Secretary) at 082 558 5968; December Mavuso (Deputy General Secretary) at 082 558 5969; Lwazi Nkolonzi (NEHAWU National Spokesperson) at 081 558 2335 or email: