COSATU congratulates SATAWU for the victorious reinstatement of 56 workers at the Matimba Power Station in Limpopo

The Congress of the South African Trade Unions(COSATU) congratulates its affiliate, the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union(SATAWU), for the reinstatement of the 56 workers who were previously dismissed from Public Bonds Project, a company sub-contracted by Eskom at Matimba Power Station in Limpopo.

This is a demonstration of the resilience and commitment of our affiliate in pushing back against unfair practices that employers continue to blatantly apply in a labour market that is meant to equally benefit both worker and employer.

These workers were victims of unscrupulous and underhanded processes by Eskom who, after the failure of Public Bonds Project to meet workers’ demands, intervened by replacing the company with another contractor. Following engagements with the union, a mutual agreement was made that there wouldn’t be any retrenchments and that the workers would be fully absorbed by the companies who would take over the contract. The new contractor did not adhere to this agreement and dismissed the workers. This alarming behavior is unacceptable.  What is more alarming is the power-utility’s failure to intervene, directly supporting companies who have no regard for workers.

We commend SATAWU for defending their members until the very end. The Federation will continue to support its affiliate in the fight for all labour brokers who are contracted by the power utility to be compelled to comply with the law by employing their workers on a permanent basis.

The Federation and SATAWU remain resolute in the call for all companies doing work at Eskom Matimba Power Station to be investigated following allegations that some of these companies who are sub-contractors at Eskom are owned by some power utility managers, including politicians. This is a clear conflict of interest and greed.

COSATU will continue to support SATAWU in its further engagements with the power-utility.

Issued by COSATU

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