04 July 2023 

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in Limpopo Province held its Provincial Executive Committee on the 30th of June 2023. The PEC took place against the background of a period that has had many activities and developments in the Political, Socio-economic, and international sphere. The organizational realm of the organization has also had activities the that culminated in the PEC, which is a quarterly meeting to plan for the implementation of the Federation’s programmes and to assess progress on the implementation of the programmes. The PEC called for high morale amongst members and leaders of the Federation, considering the massive challenges that the working-class faces.

On the passing of the 1st Lady of Limpopo Province

We noted that the meeting was taking place during the sad news that the wife of the Chairperson of the ANC and Premier of Limpopo, Mrs Maggie Mathabatha, has passed away. The PEC took a moment to pass its condolences to Comrade Stan Mathabatha, the Children and the entire Mathabatha family, wishing them comfort and strength during these difficult times.

Organizational Matters

The PEC made a proper analysis of the challenges that confront the affiliates. It came to reassertion that COSATU and its affiliates is our worker-controlled organizations and should always place service to members at the centre of our activities; and further to the issue of working-class solidarity should always be at the forefront of everything we do. As a way of building working class leadership and defending the working class against the rampant attack by capital and its agents, we agreed on programmes to build capacity on the leadership and members of the Federation in the Province.

The PEC supported the initiative taken by NEHAWU to march to the Department of Health and office of the Premier demanding the recall of the MEC of Health. The PEC endorses the call for the MEC for Health to be recalled and demands that the Limpopo MEC for Health should be recalled. The PEC will further support POPCRU its struggle against reactionary management which represents fossilized ideas in the Department of Correctional Services, in deference of collective bargaining. The PEC noted the victory scored at Eskom Matimba Power Station where our affiliate SATAWU campaigned against the unfair dismissal of 56 workers, where it has now been resolved that they will be reinstated. We shall continue to campaign against other bad employers, such as ZZ2 and others.


The PEC is dismayed by tendencies of undermining the Federation by some elements from our ally the ANC and called for further engagements with the ANC and within the structures of the Alliance.

We appreciate the close relationship with the SACP and commit to further deepening worker education and political consciousness of the working class. We further agreed to embark on joint programmes with the SACP to advance the interests of the working class.

Socio-economic matters

The Federation in the province should continue to socialize and further clarify the pension withdrawal Act to the members as there are elements which seek to undermine this positive development. We endorse the initiative taken by the Federation to have discussion on the just energy transition in the recently concluded National Energy Summit. Further to that we should go out in full force in support of National Health Insurance and disregard the activities of the capitalists to try and scuttle progress towards the implementation of NHI. The PEC reiterated its longstanding call for the scrapping of the Treasury Note 7 circular by the Limpopo Provincial Government, which hinders service delivery to the people and fighting unemployment and staff shortages in the provincial government.


As the PEC takes place we observe what is really a quicksand of world politics. This is created by the geopolitical aspirations of the Western countries to continue to help themselves to the resources of the south This has spawned wars and occupation, bringing untold suffering to the people in the war zones and the occupied countries.

The PEC further analyzed the warrant of arrest issued against President Putin of Russia by the ICC as shenanigans that seek to advance the interests of the west. In the same vein it denounced the allegations by the American ambassador to SA that the country supplied weapons to Russia with the contempt it deserves.

The PEC concluded that the country should not be fooled into the geopolitical warmongering conspiracies of the US government. The PEC condemns these activities and commits to work towards and deepening our relationship with our traditional international allies, while it pledges to continue to be involved in programmes that seek to liberate the people of Eswatini, Palestine and Western Sahara.

National Day of Action

The Federation decided to embark on a section 77 strike in the light of the deepening crisis in the economy of our country and province. The PEC welcomed reports that were presented in preparation towards the National Day of Action on 6 July 2023. The action seeks to highlight the following areas that we have consistently observed as challenges in our economy:

§  Attack on collective bargaining in all sectors

§  Crime and corruption

§  Speedy implementation of Zondo Commission, SIU report and VBS forensic report.

§  Urgent solutions to water and energy crisis

§  High interest rates

§  Job-losses and privatization

§  Unemployment

§  Labour Brokering and Outsourcing

Limpopo Province will have one march which will converge in Polokwane on the National Day of Action. The gathering point is Hospital Park (Eastern side of Pietersburg Hospital) on Magazyn Street. We call on members and supporters of the action to gather at the from 8h30am.

Issued by COSATU Limpopo

Hangwani Mashao

Provincial Secretary

Mark Shope House

79A Biccard Street



Mobile: 0674130165