COSATU programmes are CEPPWAWU programmes. The challenges highlighted by COSATU that prompted COSATU to embark on action are actually the lived experiences of CEPPWAWU members. It is our members who suffer:

·       vulnerability visited to workers by the precarious nature of work;

·       poor wages vis-à-vis hard labour especially in Forestry, Wood-Working, Furniture manufacturing, etc.;

·       job insecurity especially because the sectors we work in experience peak and off-peak seasons causing intermittent short-time work to poor workers;

·       health hazards and fatalities working with chemicals and in coal mining;

·       power cuts affect workers’ work arrangement (shifts); cause them loss of wages; affect their family lives in general.

It is for these reasons that CEPPWAWU vehemently supports COSATU National Day of Action as its own and calls upon all its members to take part in the protest actions, marches and the memoranda that deplore negative lived situations by members.

One COSATU, one CEPPWAWU! Amandla!

CEPPWAWU Head Office

10th Floor Rennaissance Building

Ghandi Square, Johannesburg