COSATU calls for free and fair, peaceful and credible elections in Zimbabwe

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) expresses deep concern over the political situation in Zimbabwe and calls for a steadfast commitment to non-violence, democratic principles, and fairness as the nation approaches its next electoral process.

Zimbabwe has a rich history and a promising future. However, past events have raised concerns about the democratic process and the rights of the citizens in that country. COSATU believes that a truly representative and accountable government can only be established through a transparent and inclusive electoral process.

The Federation urges all relevant stakeholders, including the Zimbabwean government, political parties, civil society organizations, and the international community, to come together in ensuring the following:

COSATU reiterates its commitment to democratic principles and the protection of workers’ rights, which are intrinsically linked to a fair electoral system. It is imperative that the Zimbabwean government, electoral authorities, political parties, and civil society collectively prioritize the following:

·      Non-Violence: We strongly condemn any form of violence or intimidation during the electoral period. Every citizen should have the right to participate in the democratic process without fear for their safety or wellbeing.

·       Transparency and Accountability: The electoral process must be conducted transparently, ensuring that the process is devoid of any undue influence, intimidation, or manipulation. The rights of citizens to express their political choices freely must be upheld.

·       Equal Participation: All Zimbabwean citizens should have equal access to participate in the electoral process, free from discrimination or obstacles that hinder their right to vote.

·       Media Freedom and Impartiality: Media houses should provide balanced and impartial coverage of all political parties and candidates, fostering an informed electorate capable of making well-founded decisions.

·       Electoral Integrity: Measures must be put in place to guarantee the integrity of the voting process, encompassing secure ballot handling, vigilant oversight, and credible voter registration.

·       International Observers: The presence of independent international observers is vital to assure the credibility and legitimacy of the electoral process.

COSATU stands united with the people of Zimbabwe, its workers and our sister trade union movement, in their pursuit of a democratic society that reflects their aspirations and allows for the realization of their potential. As a partner in the struggle for workers’ rights and social justice, we call upon all stakeholders to work collaboratively to create an environment where the principles of free and fair elections can flourish.

The Federation remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the people of Zimbabwe in their pursuit of a better future. We advocate for an electoral process that is not only transparent and just but also reinforces the foundations of democracy and equality. We also reiterate out call for the implementation of the Kgalema Motlanthe Commission recommendation in Zimbabwe.

Issued by COSATU

Bongani Masuku(COSATU International Secretary)
Cell:079 499 6419