The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) in Gauteng Province is concerned by the perpetual lies that the City of Tshwane Executive Mayor, Cllr Cilliers Brink continues to paddle in the public in relation to the Union and its members. Without any iota of shame in him, Cllr Brink has been on a crusade that seeks to portray the Union and its members as criminals who have resorted to violent actions to get their frustrations addressed by the City. 

Today, Cllr Brink took to social media with a concocted version of the outcomes of the Labour Court to serve his administration’s narrative about the Union. Cllr Brink claims that the Labour Court refused to enrol the City’s contempt of Court application due to lack of urgency. What Cllr Brink conveniently omits in his false narrative is that the Labour Court heard arguments from both the City and the Union for hours, resulting in the Judge dismissing the application as it did not comply with Rule 13 of  the Supreme Court Act. 

The lies being peddled by Cllr Brink seeks to create an impression that the justice system which the City has resorted to, in denying workers salary and wage increases stands with the City. It should be noted that the only Court order which is currently in place is a rule nisi, a temporary order granted by the Courts while awaiting a matter to be fully heard by a Court. 

Cllr Brink has repeatedly argued in the public that the City does not have the required money to fund salary increases for municipal workers. The truth of the matter is that workers are in this situation as a result of Cllr Brink and his administration tabling a budget with a zero increase for workers. By tabling this budget, the City deliberately froze workers’ salary increases. Further lies being told by Cllr Brink of the unaffordability of these increases are farfetched as the National Treasury transferred R1.9 billion to the City in July this year. The very same City that is pleading poverty is in line to receive a further R3 billion from the National Treasury. 

The Union urges Cllr Brink to desist from the lies he continues to spread to the public. Resident of Tshwane need a leader who is truthful, even in situations where the truth is not comfortable. Cllr Brink should not use workers and the Union to gain public sympathy and turn workers against communities whom they serve and live side by side with. 

As SAMWU, we are well aware that the City has the necessary resources to fund workers’ salary increases. Workers have not received their salary increases because a political instruction has been issued by the  DA to frustrate the Union,  its members and municipal workers. The actions by the Cllr Brink and his administration will however not demoralise the Union in demanding the full implementation of the SALGBC salary and wage collective agreement. Our team is well prepared for the upcoming exemption application by the City in the Bargaining Council. We are hopeful that workers will once again emerge victorious. 

Issued by SAMWU Gauteng Province 

Mpho Tladinyane

Provincial Secretary 

083 941 58880 


Precious Theledi

Tshwane Regional Secretary 

072 601 8876