SAMWU condemns Action SA attack on City of Johannesburg

The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) in the Petrus Mashishi (Johannesburg) Region has noted with concern an unwarranted attack on the Union, its members and the City of Johannesburg by Action SA provincial leader, Cllr Fundzela Ngobeni. In his attack to against the Union, Ngobeni alleges that SAMWU shopstewards have been quoted as rendering the City of Tshwane ungovernable.

Ngobeni further alleges that SAMWU members from Johannesburg were granted time off to attend a march “which turned out to be an illegal strike.” As SAMWU, we take exception to the unwarranted attack to the Union and the inferences made by Ngobeni. Action SA seems to have run out of ideas and want to remain relevant by capitalising on the plight of workers in Tshwane. Cllr Ngobeni and Action SA should get comfortable in the opposition benches in the City of Johannesburg.

As SAMWU we are convinced that the attack on the Union and City of Johannesburg officials is intended to erode sound labour relations between trade unions and the City of Johannesburg. These relations were rebuilt after the DA-led coalition which Action SA is part of. Mr Ngobeni must wake up and accept the fact that his party and the coalition they were part of has been removed from the City of Johannesburg.

Mr Ngobeni should not invite SAMWU into political battles, SAMWU is a trade union and not a political party. We will however not keep quiet when our integrity as a Union is being tarnished by a party that is responsible for the loss of almost R30 million. Action SA, under the leadership of Mashaba was responsible for the loss of workers’ subscription fees as they sought to destabilise the Union.

For us, Action SA is no different from the the DA. These are two parties which hate workers with passion hence there are always problems wherever they govern. SAMWU Petrus Mashishi reaffirms its support to its fellow members and workers at the City of Tshwane. We have also been through similar challenges as the employer, led by the DA-Action SA sought to frustrate workers in the City of Tshwane.

Issued by SAMWU Petrus Mashishisi (Johannesburg) Region Thobani Nkosi Regional Secretary

066 290 2134


Richard Moila

Deputy Regional Secretary

073 172 9459