COSATU Gauteng Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) Statement

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) in Gauteng held its Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting on 5 September 2023 to discuss amongst others organisational, political, international and socio-economic work of the past three months.

The PEC reflected on the ongoing attack on collective bargaining including the refusal by the City of Tshwane to implement the 3.5% salary increase from the previous collective agreement as well as the current 4.5% salary increase as total undermining of labour laws of the country. The reneging by the City of Tshwane is a direct challenge by the DA led coalition to the Gauteng Provincial Government. In defence of collective bargaining and in solidarity with municipal workers, COSATU will march to the City of Tshwane on 6 October 2023.

We welcomed the Energy Summit convened by the Gauteng Provincial Government to address the current energy crisis characterised by loadshedding and the commitment by the Premier of Gauteng to end loadshedding. Ending loadshedding should start by replacing all damaged transformers in working class areas by December 2023.  

COSATU discussed at length the current spade of fires in the City of Johannesburg and the illegal mining activities in the province as a reflection of weaker organs of the state entrusted to deal with human settlement, management of immigration and safety and security. The proposed Commission by the Premier of Gauteng to investigate the scourge of hijacked buildings in Johannesburg should be extended to all municipalities across the province.

The Federation rejects the circular released by the National Treasury on cost containment measures. This circular is a reflection of a government that is hell-bent on implementing neo-liberal austerity measures under the false premise of a ballooning wage bill as a result of the 2023 public sector wage agreement. This circular will affect the great progress by the Nasi Ispani program in Gauteng. The PEC will seek an urgent meeting with the Premier to discuss the implications of the cost containment circular released by National Treasury on the advertised 8000 Nasi Ispani jobs.

The PEC noted the fluid political environment in the province and its massive impact upon municipal service delivery. The political instability of municipalities is as a serious concern as it adversely affects workers and the working class. COSATU has PEC resolved to engage the MEC of Local Government and COGTA to look for solutions to the political instability of municipalities and its ramifications for service delivery.

The Federation discussed the state of the alliance and was satisfied with progress made to unite SANCO. We welcome the decisions of the 20-a side meeting between COSATU and the ANC which sort to iron out differences between the two alliance partners. The PEC supported decisions to strengthen the alliance secretariat and the development of a joint alliance programme.  The PEC is concerned about developments within the SACP and resolved to assist the party whilst respecting its internal processes.

The PEC appreciated progress in implementing the Gauteng Provincial Government’s 2023/24 programme of action as articulated in the Premier’s the State of the Province Address.  COSATU applauds efforts to create jobs, safety and security of the people, ending of loadshedding and building of a sustainable economy as well as the township economy. We resolved that all affiliates in the public service should monitor closely the implementation of this programme across departments. The Federation will be meeting with the Premier to assess progress made since the State of the Province Address.

Issued by COSATU Gauteng Province

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