The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) in the Limpopo province welcomes the judgement at the Polokwane High court delivered in on 11 September effectively confirming and setting aside the appointment of the Mogalakwena Municipal Manager, Mr. Morris Maluleka who was appointed through a dubious, questionable and illegitimate process. 

SAMWU Limpopo is particularly elated about the removal of the Municipal Manager by the Polokwane High Court which has been long overdue since he presided over the rot that was happening in the Mogalakwena Local Municipality and was against all odds, the worst Municipal Manager popular for union bashing in Limpopo Province for suspending all shopstewards and other members for daring to agree with the Courts about his appointment.

SAMWU stand confident and celebrate the ability of our sober judiciary to discern anarchy when they see it and will continue to mobilise its members in Mogalakwena Local Municipality to ensure implementation of this judgement in remembrance of the pain our shop stewards endured when they were suspended, intimidated, arrested and harassed for this sweet justice. 

SAMWU will based on this judgement focus its attention on the role of the MEC for Local government in Limpopo who may have enabled on omission or commission such a serious violation of the rights of the citizens of Mogalakwena to go on for such a long time without intervening as required in terms of the law. 

SAMWU will however wish to reiterate its commitment to work very hard to assist all ailing municipalities by making sure that we restore order and normalcy in the municipal environment in service of the working class and the communities we serve and to ensure that the former Municipal Manager of Mogalakwena is never appointed anywhere in the Republic. 

Issued by SAMWU Limpopo

Patrick Aphane 

Provincial Secretary 

076 785 9022