COSATU Northern Cape is outraged by the provincial government’s stance on corrupt officials

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) in the Northern Cape is outraged by the irresponsible, arrogant and malicious statement and posture of the MEC of Health in the province whereby he indicated that the HOD (Dr Dion Thys) and CFO (Mr Daniel Gaborone) who were accused and facing grievous charges and further guilty of contravening procurement policies and PFMA, would remain employed despite the heavy corruption clouds hanging over their heads.

The MEC announced that the two have been granted the so called “transfer as a precautionary measure”. Thys will occupy a position of Medical Director at Health department while Gaborone will be occupying a CFO role at the Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison.

The MEC cites clauses of the “SMS handbook” upon which he relies for taking such reckless and improper actions, insulting, and contravening the laws and policies governing employment relationships in the country. He even contradicts this by saying that the department will institute “the necessary internal processes” against the other four (4) employees accused of fraud, corruption, and money laundering cases.

The Federation has lost hope and trust in the provincial government in fighting corruption. It is clear that the animal farm phenomenon is embraced, and some senior officials are immune to discipline. Instead, they are protected and defended for stealing from the poor.

We remain resolute in our quest to name and shame but also to ensure that all perpetrators of crime are brought to book and pay back what they have stolen from the public purse.

We call on the provincial government to remove Thys and Gaborone immediately from their positions. They must be called before a formal disciplinary hearing concurrently with the due court proceedings to prove their innocence. We cannot afford to put the public kitty at risk anymore, nor can residents afford being subjected to consequences of folly and the mismanagement of funds.

Issued by COSATU Northern Cape

For more information and interviews, please contact:

Orapeleng Moraladi(Northern Cape Provincial Secretary)
Contact: 078 452 6891