COSATU ready to host the 12th BRICS Trade Unions Forum (BTUF) Dialogue in Durban

The Congress of South African Trade Unions(COSATU) welcomes the final process in the preparations for hosting the 12th BRICS Trade Union Forum (BTUF) Dialogue from the 26th – 27th of September 2023 in Durban.

The 12th BTUF Dialogue state of readiness briefing was held on the sidelines of the 28th NEDLAC Summit at Gallagher Estate this past weekend, as a follow up to the first one which was held on the sidelines of the ILO Conference in Geneva this past June.

BTUF is built on the BRICS spirit of inclusivity, openness and mutual respect in building partnership for cooperation. It upholds the values of peace, justice, and inclusive development as a basis of our common existence and search for deeper solutions to the deeper problems we face collectively.

These issues include, amongst others, the global crisis of poverty, inequalities, diseases and unemployment, as well as systemic exclusion from key institutions of the international governance system. BTUF was meant to ensure workers make an effective contribution towards a progressive and developmental agenda beyond the paradigm that has failed humanity.

The theme of the 12th BTUF Dialogue is: “BRICS Trade Union Forum cooperation for fair and Inclusive development for all peoples of the world – Advancing Social justice, Peace and Dignity TOGETHER!

BRICS recognises that the problems we face require of us to work together. This is with particular emphasis on working with regions and people who face continuous exclusion, marginalisation and exploitation by the global accumulation system.

The BTUF remains seized with the international financial system and the whole multilateral architecture. They are central to understanding how the world is designed and in whose interests. The issues of the Contingency Reserve Arrangement (CRA), development finance for infrastructure in various parts of the world worker skills, particularly in scientific and technological capabilities have always been key to the BTUF Dialogues.

This is where the BRICS Outreach Programme becomes fundamental in influencing investment that develops people, their skills and their communities.

Trade unions are important vehicles in ensuring targeted interventions in defence of jobs, livelihoods and basic incomes for workers and the poor. They are important in the struggle against inequalities, unemployment and workers rights for social justice.

Issued by COSATU

For more information, please contact:

Bongani Masuku(COSATU International Secretary)
Cell:079 499 6419