As the World Federation of Trade Unions [WFTU] Trade Union International Public Services and Allied [TUI PS & A], we take this opportunity to raise our banners and salute our mother body, the WFTU, on the 78th anniversary of its founding. In line with the 2023 theme; “the defence of democratic and trade union freedoms against authoritarianism and repression –  and the struggle to protect the right to organise, collective bargaining and the sacred right to strike”. Workers and the working class are facing a challenging period that is full of threats and opportunities. This WFTU anniversary also comes just one month before our upcoming XIV international congress in November 2023 that is to be held in Bogota, Colombia which is an opportunity to evaluate and strengthen our work in all continents.

Our TUI is of the firm believe that the continued attacks on workers and trade union rights resulting from imperialist conflicts, the crisis of capitalism and the aftermath of the COVID19 pandemic can only be stopped by strong united working class struggles and resistance against such attempts that seek to make the working class pay for the failures of capitalism. This period calls for the strengthening of our organizations and the intensification of the struggle to defend our gains and advance our historic demands.

Each region and affiliate of our TUI is called upon to ensure that the October 3, WFTU anniversary becomes a day of international action and visibility for our organization. We must do this by reiterating our rejection of capitalism and neoliberal solutions to problems facing the working class and working people today. Our struggle cannot be won through class collaboration and yellow trade unionism, victory for the working class can only come through a determined class struggle against our class enemies.

Our class enemies seek to disarm and demobilize us through collaborative strategies of “engagement” while they proceed to reverse our historic gains and attack workers and the organizations in defense of profits. We reject this form of trade unionism our class enemies seek to impose on workers and the working class.

Decent Work with Full Rights!!!

No to Exploitative Flexible Work Practices!!!

Down With All Forms of Exploitation!!!


Issued by Zola Saphetha: General Secretary (WFTU-TUI-PS&A)Media Enquiries: Clever Banganayi (Information & Publicity) 0721426625